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APAP Machine

What Is an APAP Machine?

An APAP machine stands for Automatic Positive Airway Pressure and it is a medical grade device that is similar to a CPAP machine. There are some differences between the CPAP and the APAP. A CPAP device is set to deliver a single pressure setting, while an APAP machine has two types of pressure setting. There is a lower pressure setting, which is the most reduced pressure that is needed by a patient in order to prevent any apnea events. There is also a higher-pressure setting.

An APAP machine operates based on an extremely complex algorithm that helps to deliver pressure on a breath-by-breath basis as it is needed by the patient. The device can deliver a more natural pressure pattern. Once the two pressure levels are set then the machine delivers pressurized air that stays in between the two levels and it’s never lower or higher beyond the required amount of pressure.