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Benefits of APAP Therapy

One of the main benefits of using an APAP device is that these devices are versatile. An APAP can function as a CPAP and deliver pressured air at one single pressure setting. However, since an APAP device is capable of adjusting to different pressure settings based on the stage of sleep it can be more efficient and comfortable.

An APAP device can change the pressure level and adapt to your needs at all times. For example, if you lose weight then the risk of apnea events is lowered because you have less fatty tissue in the throat that can cause problems. If you gain weight then you may need a higher pressure setting because fatty tissues have become denser and make it harder to breathe. An APAP can adapt to any lifestyle changes and follow your needs.

Not all machines are the same and your doctor is the one who will direct you toward the most efficient type of air pressure therapy for your case.