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Choosing a CPAP Mask

Choosing the right CPAP mask can be daunting at first since there are so many sizes, shapes, and styles. There are three main categories that you should be aware of.

Nasal pillow masks are some of the most popular choices because there is a minimal design. It is the smallest CPAP mask and it rests on your upper lip and blows pressurized air through two soft nasal tubes.

Nasal masks have a triangular shape and fit over the nose. There are a wide variety of fits and sizes, which makes finding one that will fit likely.

A full-face mask will cover the mouth and nose with side straps that help keep the mask in place. Some hybrid masks will cover the mouth but then also have nasal prongs that go into the nostrils, similar to the nasal pillow CPAP mask. These masks are good for mouth breathers who haven’t found a mask that works well for them.