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Can Losing Weight Get You Off CPAP Therapy?

Many people think that if they lose weight they can get off CPAP therapy. While neck circumference and weight can be strong contributors to sleep apnea, these factors are not the only cause. Weight can contribute to sleep apnea because of excessive tissues and gravity. While you are asleep, the muscles in the body relax and this can cause the throat muscles to block airways.

However, many people have sleep apnea for a variety of reasons. These reasons include age, enlarged tonsils, natural causes, smoking, or frequent alcohol use. While you can reduce alcohol use and smoking, natural causes mean you can just be more predisposed to sleep apnea.

Don’t let the idea of not getting off your CPAP therapy discourage you from any healthier lifestyle choices. If you aren't able to get off of CPAP completely, losing weight can lead to less restricted airflow and this means a lower pressure setting. A lower pressure setting can make therapy more tolerable.