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CPAP Supplies

How Often Do You Need to Get CPAP Supplies?

Regular cleaning and replacement of your mask, cushions, filters, and other equipment in San Antonio, Texas, is important in maintaining compliance. Various CPAP supplies are scheduled to need replacement every so often since the materials in the equipment will breakdown over time. However, taking care of your equipment isn’t that difficult and not very time consuming. With just a small adjustment in your morning routine, your accessories and device will be working at 100% efficiency so you can get the sleep you need every night.

Many vendors will notify you when equipment needs to be replaced. If you aren’t sure when you need to order supplies or how often insurance allows replacements, speak with your DME provider.

Some guidelines for replacement parts include changing a full face mask every three months, nasal pillows once per month, a full face cushion every month, the non-disposable filters every six months, and the chinstrap every six months.