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The cost for this mask listed is the CASH PAY Price. If you would like to purchase this mask through the use of your insurance, please call us at (210) 960-7894.

Perfect for Patients who:

- Breathe through their mouth when they sleep.

- Have a tendancy of feeling a little claustrophobic.

- Likes to watch TV while in bed.


A streamlined full face mask

If you’re looking for a full face mask that’s smaller and more modern yet still reliable, AirFit F30 may be right for you. Its UltraCompact cushion rests under your nose rather than over it, covering less of your face, and making it feel more open. This unique design also prevents discomfort that can sometimes happen when the mask rests against the top of your nose.


Mouth Breathers: 

If you are accustomed to breathing through your mouth in your sleep and you are looking for a full face mask that can help with your sleep therapy, then this mask may be for you! The cushion is stable and sealed under the patient's nose and covers the mouth and maintains comfort throughout the night. A stable cushion that seals under your nose and covers the mouth provides extra comfort throughout the night.

If you have felt claustrophobia from other full face masks, then the AirFit F30 full face mask may be perfect for you. The minimal contact design minimizes the feeling of claustrophobia and helps you have a sound sleep every night.


Quiet Performance

The QuietAir™ elbow minimizes noise using a specialized diffuser vent that spreads out air flow, so you and your bed partner can rest peacefully.


Stability and Clear Vision

Many full face CPAP masks that provide clear vision often compromise stability. The ResMed AirFit F30 offers an optimal field of vision while still providing stability and comfort.



Resmed Airfit F30 CPAP Mask