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Sleep Lab

What to Bring to the Sleep Lab

When you come into the sleep lab for a test, there are some things you want to bring. In order to get the best results, technicians will want you to go about a usual evening routine as much as possible. There are some things you can bring to make the study go smoothly and still get the best results.

Bring all your regular prescribed medicines according to your doctor’s instructions. Bring sleep clothes, such as shorts and a T-shirt, or pajamas. Even though comfort is important, many clinics will not let you sleep naked the night of the study. Choose pajamas or clothing that you would normally sleep in at home. Bring a favorite blanket or pillow if desired and if it can help you sleep better. Bring specialty items you need for sleep or items you need first thing in the  morning, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. Be sure to bring clothes to go home in or clothes for work if you are heading off to your job.