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Sleep Treatment

Sleep Treatment Options for Those Who Can’t Have a CPAP

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea then a CPAP can help. However, some don’t like the treatment and stop using the device within one to three weeks. This shouldn’t be the reason why a sleep apnea sufferer doesn’t get proper sleep treatment.

Mandibular Advanced Devices: These oral appliances as a sleep treatment option can be as effective as a CPAP. These devices look like a mouth guard an athlete might use and push the lower jaw down enough to redirect breathing through air passages.

Nasal Devices: These are a relatively new sleep treatment and when placed in the nose, they open nasal passages and allow for a better flow of air.

Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces: These are similar to mandibular advancement devices and are worn orally and help adjust the position of the tongue during sleep.

ASV: Adaptive-servo ventilation is a mask that delivers air similar to a CPAP but it also monitors respiration and delivers air as if the patient were breathing while awake.

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