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Travel CPAP

Choosing a Travel CPAP

A travel CPAP machine is popular for the treatment of sleep apnea. The question that comes up with considering a travel CPAP is how big it is really. For those who want to use a travel CPAP device, the smaller size really does make a difference. Some can be as small as a smartphone or alarm clock.

When choosing one, you need to know if batteries are available and how long the charge lasts. The amount of time the charge will last will depend on the pressure that is being delivered and the potential use of other accessories. The lithium ion battery on a travel machine is rechargeable. However, the deice can’t be used unless there is a power source. This may mean you can’t go camping in the woods with your device.

Travel machines are quiet and have slimline tubing that is sleek. There are also various options that exist for different models to find the right fit.