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Home Sleep Study

What You Should Know about a Home Sleep Study?

A home sleep study in San Antonio, Texas, can be a cost-effective and easy way to determine whether you are having trouble breathing when you are sleeping. A home sleep study involves a simplified breathing monitor that tracks oxygen levels, breathing, and breathing effort when worn. It doesn’t capture what is monitored with a typical overnight sleep study. A typical overnight sleep study will give a more thorough assessment of sleep issues since they capture more signals. Since the test has a limited scope, patients that have a high to moderate risk of sleep apnea should use them. This classification can be based on an eight-point checklist that includes things like age, BMI, and neck circumference.

An at-home sleep study won’t be able to suit everyone. Those with pre-existing conditions, such as heart failure, lung disease, or other sleep disorders, will likely not be candidates for at-home testing. These studies haven’t been validated for patients with these conditions and they likely won’t produce conclusive results.

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