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Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Test Benefits

With a home sleep test, the patient will administer the test and can spend the night in his or her own bed with familiar surroundings. This will reduce the first night effect and provide an accurate test. Home sleep testing can be necessary for those who are homebound or have a chronic illness that requires specialized care, as well as those requiring a family member to spend the night and people facing expensive transportation costs. It can also be helpful for those who may have trouble arranging a time to visit a lab for a sleep test.

The costs of a home sleep test are usually a fraction of the cost of a traditional sleep test and will usually yield similar results in the diagnosis. It can also take weeks to get an appointment at the sleep center but a home sleep test can happen right away. Many patients will fail to make an appointment at a sleep center due to inconvenience or fear and home testing helps minimize these factors and eliminates the need for travel time and childcare.


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