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Can You Save My Marriage?!?!

Can You Save My Marriage?!?!

Would you believe that this is one of the number one questions we get when someone is asking us about the home sleep test? It's a question that comes in a few different forms but it always has the same root - snoring!

Many couples are already sleeping in separate rooms because one partner's snoring is so bad that it keeps the other up at night or wakes them up throughout the night. This makes for cranky moods and definitely can hinder marital bliss. So can we help? Absolutely!

Snoring is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A condition that is very treatable once properly diagnosed. We start with a PHD (Personal Home Delivery) sleep study to determine if you have OSA and how severe a condition it may be for you. Your sleep study is evaluated by a Board Certified Sleep Physician who will recommend the best treatment based on your studies results.

The treatments mostly resolve any snoring issues with continued usage and everyone in the house can sleep without the noise and interruption that comes from snoring. Meaning, no need to sleep in separate bedrooms! Now, if you need more marriage saving than that, we'd be happy to refer you to some Christian counseling that can help, but until then, we can definitely quickly and effectively diagnose and treat if OSA is a contributing factor to any marriage problems.

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