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PHD - Sleep Studies (Unparalleled Convenience)

We are the only company that currently offers a PHD (Personal Home Delivery) At-Home Sleep Study in the San Antonio market. What makes a PHD sleep study so great?

Convenience - Most at-home sleep studies you either have to take time to go to an office and pick up the device (and also make the time to take it back) or it gets sent to you through the mail (which may require someone to be there to sign for the unit). With our PHD service we have a tech who schedules a time to deliver and pick up the unit that is convenient for you. We offer delivery and pick up 7 days a week (excluding holidays) AND we often make deliveries outside of the normal 9-5 pm that'll fit around patients busy schedules. PHD offers unparalleled convenience over going to a sleep lab OR the traditional way of doing at-home sleep tests.

Cost - Time is money. We save you time and gas by delivering directly to your home (or other location such as work if desired). On top of that, you would think that such a high-level of convenience and customer service would come at a premium price, but with us it doesn't. That's right! We not only offer the greatest convenience but also do so at the lowest price ($150 cash pay price in San Antonio Market). That's all inclusive and uses the highest quality most trusted at-home testing equipment in the industry.

Simply said, a PHD at-home sleep study from Fantastic Sleep cannot be beat!!!

Call and schedule your at-home sleep test with us today - 210.960.7894


Below you can find a video of how the at-home sleep test works:

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